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Support through to CE Marking

Machines in Europe must comply with the safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC before they can be sold in the European Economic Area. The Directive governs a uniform protection level for avoiding accidents on machines.

The CE marking process comprises many individual steps. Each of them requires the well-founded understanding of applicable regulations and the extensive experience in dealing with machines and installations that we can offer as safety experts.

Our service: CE Marking as a complete package
We support you in each individual step and guide you throughout the entire declaration of conformity process, until you obtain a CE marking for your machines.

Benefits for you

  • Independent, experienced experts help you navigate through complex rules and regulations.
  • You work with a partner that understands your specific requirements and can support you only where needed or throughout the CE process.
  • You will receive all services related to the CE marking from one source, saving you time and money.
  • We assume the responsibility for issuing the conformity declaration on your behalf.

Our services

We support you in all phases through to CE marking.
The individual steps of the conformity assessment process:

1. Risk assessment
We first determine the harmonized standards and legal foundation applicable to the machine concerned. We define the machine functions and identify and assess potential danger zones in the risk
analysis and risk assessment. The risk assessment fully documents the risks and the required Performance Level.

2. Safety concept
The next step after the risk assessment is designing the machine to be safe. We develop a detailed machinery safety concept for you by suggesting risk reduction measures.

3. Verification with SISTEMA
With the safety concept as a basis, we specify and test the machine‘s individual safety functions and verify its safety integrity. EUCHNER uses the SISTEMA software for verification.

4. Engineering
We support you as needed in implementing the measures from the safety concept.

5. Validation
Validating the safety concept involves checking the effectiveness of the implemented measures. This includes the inspection of the machines‘ safety functions and preparing the required documentation of results and verification.

6. Preparation for issuing the conformity declaration
Once the process is complete, we give you a written recommendation for issuing the conformity declaration. Alternatively, you can authorize us to issue the conformity declaration on your behalf.

Result: CE Marking for your machine
Machines may be provided with the CE marking and sold within the EU once the conformity declaration process is complete. With the CE marking, you as the machine manufacturer declare conformity with the Machinery Directive and accept the responsibility for your product meeting the legal requirements.



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